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Nobby is now a proud user of a "Haas Fury 15, 6v6 tubes" and a Weber 12" speaker.
As Nobby quotes "Real nice sounding amp that suits my style real well. I think I found my Mojo Amp/!!!!"

Nobby also uses Fender Am. Standard 1996 with Dragonfire Pickups, and loves them.
2 Mesa Express 5:25 amps in stereo with a Vox Tonelab LE multi effects pedal

Ray uses Brian Moore i4 Bass Guitar with GALLIEN-KRUEGER MB210 COMBO bass amp,
and GALLIEN-KRUEGER 115MBE 400 Speaker System.

Eric uses Gretch drums and Zildjian cymbals.

Haas Deerborne with 2/10 cab
with vintage Jensens from 1953 &
Haas Plexi w 1 /12 Canibus Rex cab.

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